Around here, we are not too keen on throwing big words around—we were math majors after all—so we chose a descriptive name for this service instead of a snazzy name.


It’s More Than Just Records

The first textbook on modern accounting was published in 1573.  Accounting was first used to track amounts owed by customers, amounts owed to vendors, and whatever is left over for the owners.  The concept of “income” did not enter accounting until much later.  Even today, different public accounting regulatory boards across the world cannot agree on what is and is not income.

Advisory & Analytical Bookkeeping is a flavor of accounting called “managerial accounting.”  It does everything traditional bookkeeping does, but with an income centric approach.

What it Does for You

Saves you money, promotes your wealth! The first goal of Advisory & Analytical Bookkeeping is to format you records so we can for tax savings.  If your profitable business can grow by 10% next year, it would grow by 30% without the tax burden.

It also reduces you cost of borrowing money for your business.  With well formatted statements, lenders are more comfortable lending.  Same with selling your business.  The more details you provide the buyer, the more the buyer is willing to pay.

Find out why your business needs an accountant who looks at your books and says with authority “Nuh huh, nope. Not good enough,” by calling us now. We’d be happy to prove our experience and knowledge through a personal consultation at your convenience.