As tax accountants, we have yet to find ONE single business, or individual for that matter, that doesn’t want to just lie down in the fetal position, and cover their ears when they hear about tax responsibilities. We get it. Taxes just aren’t cool. And that’s stating it with words we can use on a professional website.

Taxes are taxes, they are either prepared correctly with your best interest in mind, or they are not.  The difference is in the tax preparer.

Tax Preparation

Why Choose Us

Using our exclusive Hourly Book Billing, we have broken down each specific service to a basic time of completion, which is the max amount we’ll bill the client for. As your friendly tax nerds, we simply refuse to pad the time sheet.

Avoiding the traditional hourly billing structure when it comes to tax prep, we will also answer your questions regarding your taxes without charging you for it. Yes, other tax firms hate us for it, but that’s ok; we are mavericks of the accounting world, and we want you to understand.

Also, sticking to high on our coolness scale, we offer an actual guarantee on your individual tax preparation service. Our Standard Guarantee says that if there’s an error on your tax return that is our fault, we’ll take responsibility for it and not charge you for it. It’s that simple. By the way, our Standard Guarantee is written and signed, making it legally enforceable.

Free Reviews

Reluctantly seriously, we understand that your tax filings are of super importance to you, therefore, we offer complimentary reviews of your past three years of returns. Should we find errors, we’ll set our nerds on the task of fixing them at a flat rate of $105, no matter how long it takes the little fellows to make sure it is right.

We Can’t Wait To Dig In

We live numbers, and as such, we also provide complimentary tax planning services to ensure that your future is bright with retirement bliss.

Call the office of Charles Allen, CPA today for a personal consultation regarding your tax preparation and filing needs today. It’s his name on the door, but our whole team does the dirty work for you. We can’t wait to dig in