So, we are guessing you are not in a very good mood right now.
Relax, the majority of tax issues are workable.  If you watch too much television at 2:00 AM, you probably saw the commercials where the IRS confiscated and old couples house.  That does not happen in the real world.

Though any notice from the IRS is usually met with trepidation and fear, the kind that makes Paranormal Activity look like a how-to video in babysitting, we are not intimidated, and you should not be either.

Tax Resolution

Decades Of Experience

Our tax accounting specialists have had decades of experience handling tax resolution problems, negotiating favorable outcomes that quite often lean towards the client’s best interest. We pretty much excel in all of the following:

  • State tax issues including underpayment or sales tax errors
  • IRS audits
  • Tax notices
  • Debt negotiations

As tax accounting specialists, we will tell you to not speak directly to an IRS agent.  Use our services, use another service, either way, let the professional make first contact.  We handle the issue for you as we have extensive knowledge about the mindset of revenue agents, their behavior and their feeding habits. Working as your advocate, we will use whatever tools we have at our disposal to work out a favorable outcome for you, without losing precious time or money.

Let our team navigate the waters for you. We’ll start the process after just one call from you so let’s knock this down asap. Don’t waste any more time, call now.